Tap and Think Reading (a subsidiary of The Writing Academy) 
Reading Day   (Reading Lexicon and Passage Analysis)     Use a variety of manipulatives and props to teach sustained reading habits   Learn the in’s and out’s of genre specific            terminology through games and poems   Decipher the Pieces of a Passage (literary works, poems, plays, photos, diagrams)   Learn how to T.R.A.C.K. and T.E.L.L.   Tackle literary devices in BIG ways   Determine implicit and explicit relationships  between: cause/effect, fact/opinion, compare/ contrast, first/third person, fiction/nonfiction, similes/metaphors   Use higher level thinking strategies to  develop  suggestions, themes, connections, and ideas 
Response Day   (Decipher Questions and Determine Answers)    Become aware of question-based terminology Distinguish between a Tap or Think question (where answers should be found)  Determine what the questions are truly asking  (Who, What, Why, Where, When and How)  See how Vivid Verbs provide clues  Learn how to make positive generalizations 
Teach BIG! Activities:  TRACK & TELL  Altruism Alley  Exhibit Hall; Devices  Piano Fingers  Dictionary Game  Pre*Pre*Pre 
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